Usefull Tips

Keep Umbrella Pre book your hotels as its busiest time here. Various different kind of tickets are available at different centers like i.e Tourism Passport, Gold card which are especially relesae for this festival to avail discounts at various point. To know more about these see ticket sections of this emo-zine.

Auto Rickshaws: 7.gif

The most reliable and easily available mode of transport in the city. During the day, always pay by the meter. After 10pm the drivers charge 50% over the meter and after mid night double the meter. Usually go by the meter, there are also pre paid auto stands at the bus stands.

Train Enquiry

Reservation - 131
Computerized - 139
Arrival & Departure - 131
Kannada - 1363
English - 1361
Hindi - 1362
Parcel Office - 2421563

General Information:

Area : 37.30 Sq Kms
Altitude : 770 Meters
Rainfall : June to August
Temperature :
Summer : 20 - 35C
Winter : 14 - 28C
Season : 365 days
Std Code - 0821
International Dialing Code :
Dial +91 821 XXX XXXX